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Glenda (Gem) Emmerson began Build A Bridge Mediation to provide superior, independent mediation services, not constrained by institutional time limits and performance indicators. Our boutique mediation services ensure that your dispute is given the greatest opportunity for resolution, without costing a fortune, unlike the “one-size fits all” services offered elsewhere.

Gem Emmerson

Gem Emmerson

Headquartered in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Gem is a local with extensive experience, superior training and a passion for resolving disputes and conflict through tailored, facilitative mediation.


Gem Emmerson

Glenda (Gem) Emmerson is a NMAS Accredited Mediator. She is a broadly skilled professional with proven experience in rural industries, mediation, problem-solving, governance, community engagement, research, report writing, administration, small business, strata industry, communications and project management. Experience and qualifications in communications and the agricultural industry developed a passion for problem solving which naturally led to Gem becoming a Nationally Accredited Mediator so she can help others settle their conflict productively
whilst also improving their relationships, communication skills and future harmony.

National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)

NMAS promotes quality, consistency and accountability of accredited mediators within the practice of mediation in Australia.

Gem’s appreciation of primary industries and their value to our Australian economy and environment led to her completing a degree in agricultural science and master’s in communication to help bridge the city-country divide. After working for a short while at the QUEENSLAND Country Life, she then had an extensive career at the Queensland Parliament where she provided in-depth research material for debate on legislation before the parliament.  For over 15 years, on a daily basis, Gem’s superior problem-solving skills, involving the application of analytical, critical and creative processes, were utilised in order to produce quality research material for publication and debate leading to more productive end effective legislative control of a wide range of issues including water quality, animal welfare, victims of crime, feral animals and plants, euthanasia, surrogacy and more. 

For the last 6 years of her 21-year parliamentary career, Gem specialised in communications and community engagement in order to strengthen community understanding and involvement in government decision-making.  With a proactive attitude, Gem developed a range of initiatives which led to a vastly improved stakeholder involvement and established her problem-solving credentials. These skills were further honed while working in the body corporate/ strata industry where her exceptional problem-solving and persuasion skills naturally led to her career in mediation. 

Gem creates a mediation environment where effective communication between disputing parties forms the foundation for problem solving and agreement. Her solution-based philosophy is based on the belief that problems or disputes are more able to be advantageously managed and addressed if they are recognised at the earliest possible stage and that litigation through the courts should always be a last resort.

She provides her professional problem resolution services as a mediator to those seeking help to resolve civil law issues, specialising in farm business debt, community disputes, commercial, community, elder, workplace, environmental, construction, family, building, health and educational disputes.  She is skilled in conducting video mediation in order to provide services for those who have trouble accessing face-to-face mediation eg. distance, safety.  Gem does not provide family law dispute services.

An accredited mediator must undertake 25 hours of continuous professional development on knowledge, skills and ethics every two years. Gem meets this requirement by continuing her association with the Mediation Institute.

Gem’s extensive experience and qualifications are advantageous to those wanting to resolve disputes and “Build A Bridge” to a more harmonious future which includes improved communication.

In her private time, Gem volunteers for Delta Dogs providing pet therapy at nursing and aged care homes with her Dalmatian, Cane. She also enjoys being a member of the Queensland Country Women’s Association.

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Gem’s Activities & Affiliations

  • Mediation Institute, Member - RMAB

  • Queensland Country Women’s Association

  • Delta Dogs Pet Therapy, Volunteer



  • NMAS Accredited Mediator, 2018


  • Community Engagement certificate, 2008


  • Master of Communication, 1991

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science,
    First Class Honours, 1989


  • Inaugural Speaker’s Award for leadership in implementing the parliament’s community engagement strategies

  • Numerous Meritorious Service Awards for involvement in the centenary of womens’ suffrage exhibition; creation of the Central Queensland regional sitting display; and the Indigenous suffrage display

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