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How much?

The costs and time involved in mediation can be significantly less than court costs

Mediation process

The mediator's responsibility is to create an environment where effective communication between the parties forms a foundation for problem solving and agreement. A mediator facilitates the process by:

  • gathering information about the dispute

  • creating a conducive environment for the mediation process

  • explaining the process and its ground rules

  • managing the interaction between parties by maintaining control over the process and guiding focused discussion

  • identifying and removing obstacles to communication between the parties

  • facilitating communication between the parties using the various communication techniques.

  • exploring the underlying interests

  • assisting the parties to generate options

  • motivating the parties to agree on mutually acceptable agreement

  • assisting parties to come to agreement, if possible.

So mediation involves a number of steps.

Prior to any mediation occurring, the mediator performs a pre-meditation process. This will determine if mediation is suitable, will establish the costs and advise parties of the information needed and protocols for sharing information.

If mediation is considered viable after the pre-mediation session, then mediation can be booked in half-day or full day sessions. A minimum of 3 hours is required for a facilitated mediation process through Build A Bridge Mediation.

How Much? - mediator’s fees are as follows:

Pre-mediation process

Approx. 45-60 minutes each participant individually (via phone or online) plus 2 hour mediator time for preparation

$25o per person -

Total = $500 per process

Price includes GST

During the pre-mediation intake process, a mediator informs parties about the mediation process. They also assist disputing parties in gathering and clarifying information needed by the parties and establish protocols for sharing this information. The mediator encourages parties to seek legal advice about their rights and the legal costs and likely outcome of pursuing their claim in court. This information helps parties to understand their alternatives when considering settlement offers.

Most importantly, the mediator will screen dispute participants and assess mediation’s suitability for dispute resolution. If the dispute is suitable for mediation then the type of mediation is determined eg. shuttle (parties in different rooms), co-mediation, virtual/ online etc. Further, practical issues such as deciding venue, timing, cost, sharing of costs and other factors are determined. If mediation is not considered viable, then the process ends.

The pre-mediation process normally occurs over the phone with paperwork provided via email or post for completion by disputing parties. The process normally only takes about 45-60 minutes for each dispute participant. The mediator undertakes significant background work to support the process.

Parties are required to complete and sign an Agreement to Mediate prior to any mediation sessions beginning. This agreement will include a description of costs and fee payment arrangements. By signing the agreement each participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the agreement to mediate. The pre-mediation process is not optional.

Mediation sessions

Minimum 3 hour session

$390 per person/3 hours -

Total = $780 per session

Price includes GST

Mediation sessions, whether 3 hour sessions or full day sessions involve similar processes including preparation, opening statements, discussion of issues, setting an agenda, exploring the issues raised, generating options for resolution, private sessions, negotiation, agreement development, consolidation and conclusion. The fees for mediation includes documenting agreements and all communication between the mediation sessions including post-mediation. No refund is payable if resolution is reached in less time.

Only two (2) mediation sessions are able to be booked each day, subject to mediator availability. Mediation sessions involves significant mediator preparation pre and post-mediation times present with parties. Additional time is able to be booked in one hour blocks at $130 per person per hour (including GST) subject to mediator availability.

Full day mediation

9:30 am – 5 pm
(6.5 hours with 60 min lunch break)

$840 per person /6.5 hours -

total = $1680 per session

Price includes GST

See above (Mediation sessions) for a description of processes.

The rate for a Full Day Mediation is based on the mediator being booked and available for a full day and no refund is payable if resolution is reached in less time.

Full day mediation involves significant mediator preparation pre and post mediation. A lunch break of 60 minutes is included in the fee for a full day mediation.

Travel, accommodation and room hire expenses

invoiced at cost per person - prices will be determined prior to appointment.

Travel, accommodation and room hire expenses (if incurred) will be invoiced at cost.

Virtual or online mediation will not incur any travel, accommodation and room hire expenses.


invoiced at cost per person - prices will be determined prior to appointment.

Mediation may be facilitated by a single mediator or co-mediators depending on the issue. The choice to use co-mediation may be because each mediator has a specialisation in different fields or an age or gender balance is considered to be helpful in a specific dispute.

If co-mediation is required, information on costs will be provided as it will vary depending on the cost of the co-mediator.

Virtual mediation

No additional cost

Virtual or online mediation will not incur any travel, accommodation and room hire expenses. So no additional cost is incurred with virtual mediation. However, both disputing parties must be able to access computer systems able to reliably use programs such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or other suitable video communication programs.

Terms & Conditions:

All fees are correct as of April 2019.

There are no additional costs for virtual mediation.

all fees are payable in advance.