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Disputes we mediate

Areas of Mediation Practice

Rural farm debt and finance disputes

A number of Australian States have legislation that establishes a mandatory process enabling farmers and mortgagees to resolve matters relating to farm business debts through mediation.

Under the legislation, Build A Bridge Mediation provides assistance to banks and rural producers who: are suffering financial hardship relating to their rural enterprise; have severe farm debt related problems; are in dispute with their lenders; or their bank or financier have served them with notice of enforcement action.

Tenancy and strata disputes 

De-escalating tenancy and strata disputes requires finesse, strategic discussion, and, in many cases, empathy. At the end of the day, these issues are often profoundly personal. In such matters, mediation almost always yields the most fulfilling results.

Conflicts mediated include a range of numerous strata and body corporate issues; bylaw disputes; payment of rent arrears; termination of a tenancy agreement; rent increase reviews; possession orders; wrongful eviction; and reinstatement cost claims.

Multi-party disputes, sometimes involving whole communities 

With extensive practical experience in community engagement, as well as internationally-recognised qualifications in the area, Build A Bridge Mediation is able to work with multi-party disputes on a range of matters of significance to the community.

Family and intergenerational (elder) disputes - wills, probate, real estate

Addressing family and intergenerational disputes, particularly those involving wills, health care and moving into aged care accommodation, are a speciality at Build A Bridge Mediation due to our professional and personal experience with these issues.

Intensely personal in nature, these types of disputes have the potential to negatively impact on family relations permanently. Involving an independent mediator can mitigate the grief, loss and stress associated with these life-altering incidents and preserve future family relationships.

Commercial, construction and building disputes

With a family business in construction, Build A Bridge Mediation is more than capable of assisting in resolving building and construction disputes. Litigation in this area can be lengthy and expensive.

Regardless of the business you run, all businesses need to minimise their legal liability and risk. We aim to solve problems about liabilities, defects and cash-flow enabling you to concentrate on growing your business.

Educational disputes including bullying

With an increasing incidence of violence inside and outside of schools, mediation can be extremely effective in resolving these types of conflicts, particularly as time is allowed for the interests and feelings of both parties to be explored.

An independent mediator can assist in school harmony issues.

Neighbourhood disputes 

Neighbourhood disputes can often end up a little bit like the Wild West. There are traditional agencies meant to assist - council, police etc - but the rules can be convoluted and vicariously applied leading to significant and ongoing conflict.

Protecting the peace and harmony in your neighbourhood may require a less traditional approach to disputes, particularly those involving fences, noise, children, pets and overhanging trees. Build A Bridge Mediation offers an alternative dispute resolution process to these annoying daily matters.

Workplace DIsputes

Disputes between workplace colleagues can be extremely costly for a business. The lack of attention to duties, polarising of staff, sick days taken, stress, possible loss of valuable staff can be terminal for businesses through the creation of an unhealthy workplace.

Mediation can assist in turning around workplace disputes and improving workplace harmony. In some instances, the dispute resolution costs are recouped very quickly though improved productivity, rebuilt trust, improved co-operation and job satisfaction.

Mediation can also assist in resolving workcover and personal injury claims.

Most civil disputes - But Not Family Law Disputes

Build A Bridge Mediation will mediate most ordinary private civil matters, as distinct from issues relating to criminal, political, or military matters. Our holistic approach is to try and resolve conflict where it occurs.

Build A Bridge Mediation chooses not to mediate family law matters.

Contractual Negotiations

While mediation is most often used to resolve conflict, it may also be used to facilitate contractual negotiations and future decision making such as developing “pre-nuptial” or partnering financial agreements, as well as business agreements between new relationship and business partners. Build A Bridge Mediation can assist you in navigating these troubled waters.